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Water Bottle: DogBone-Red

Water Bottle: DogBone-Red

$ 55.00

Drink more water! Your skin, hair, body, and mind will thank you. And with quality SIGG water bottles featuring the artwork of Charles Houska, even your sense of style will thank you. 

Bottle size: 1.0L (10" tall x 3.25" diameter).
100% BPA free (exceeds FDA requirements for nontoxic and non-leaching products).
Reusable aluminum is coated with metallic non-toxic paint.
Light-Weight but Strong: Weighs no more than a plastic water bottle.
Leak-Proof: Seamless construction made from a single piece of pure aluminum.
Recyclable: These bottles are pure aluminum and recyclable when they finally require replacement.
Hand wash only. Not recommended for dishwasher.
Made in Switzerland.